The Ghana Philanthopy Forum (GPF) on September 17th 2018, officially invited ace Broadcast Journalist and News Anchor with TV3 Network of the Media General Group, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Natalie Fort to serve as its Patron. 

The Ghana Philanthropy Forum is a coalescence of non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, faith based organizations as well as philanthropists and all actors in Ghana's Philanthropy industry.

Through strategic engagement with government as well as local and international stakeholders within the philanthropy space, the organization is working to restructure and develop Ghana's nonprofit sector to impact on national developement. 

Aside from high-level collaborations aimed as influencing policies for the sector, the Ghana Philanthropy Forum organizes the National Philanthropy Forum and Excellence Awards annually to bring together Humanitarians as well as actors in the private and public sectors to further discuss the third sector.

As Patron, Natalie Fort will be expected to raise awareness of the work of the GPF and general awareness and appreciation of Humanitarianism and Philanthropy locally. Natalie will also be responsible for forging key partnerships for the Ghana Philanthropy Forum and promoting it's activites annually, while representing the Forum across Africa via media and in-person engagements. 

Additionally, Natalie Fort serves as the Founder of the Fort Foundation, a charity committed to supporting Ghana's healthcare sector, she is also a High- Level Influencer of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Director of the Self Search Foundation. 

Natalie is an avid humanitarian and philanthropist, and believes every position she finds herself in should be used as an avenue to support the less fortunate. 



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