TV3’s most admired primetime newscaster, Natalie Fort, made time during the week to pay a surprise visit to 11-year-old Nhyira Yeboah, who draws inspiration from her.

The junior high school (JHS) 1 pupil dreams of becoming a newscaster in the future and would wish that she is mentored by the primetime ‘goddess’.

Nhyira made her wish known to TV3’s Owusu Worae a few weeks ago but little did she know that her wish would come to pass sooner than she ever anticipated.

“Natalie Fort, she is my role model, I like the way she speaks and the way she dresses. I want to meet her so that she can help me become a TV presenter in the future just like her,” she told Worae.

As fate would have it, the newscaster of the award-winning news programme, News 360, was moved by the young girl’s wish and could not hold back making her dream come true.

She paid an unannounced visit to the school of the aspiring broadcaster and that was a moment of bliss for the would-be mentor and mentee who could not hide their excitement meeting each other.

Natalie presented a gift to her protégé but the main aim of her visit, as she later explained, was much bigger.

“For me, the plan is to build a relationship in addition to giving her a gift. Nhyira already speaks so well and for me the role I can play, like I said, is giving her reading material on presentation and to make sure that in the future I keep in touch and help her grow as a broadcaster and as a presenter,” she explained.

Natalie used the opportunity to encourage Nhyira and her classmates to study hard.

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