In October 2018, the Accra Film School invited News Anchor with Media General (TV3 & 3FM) and High Level Influencer of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Natalie Fort to address the graduating class as the Keynote Speaker.

The other speakers included ace Broadcaster, Joe Lartey and Director of the Accra Film School, Mr. Rex Annan. Addressing at the audience made up of students, parents, lecturers and other visitors, Natalie spoke on the topic ‘Expanding your frontiers; the results of Opportunity meeting Preparation’.

As part of the speech Natalie shared her experience joining TV3 Network as a novice in the Broadcasting field, explaining how she overcame the challenges to make it to the top – ‘Media is a competitive space, and I was against people who were trained Journalists, I had to furnish myself with more knowledge, buying numerous books on Journalism and Media and typing out and binding all my notes taken at the Accra Film School to have material to refer to and fall back on whenever needed.’

Natalie Fort in 2015 undertook a course in Television Presentation and Scriptwriting with the Accra Film School, shortly after which she landed her job with TV3 Network of Media General. Natalie further shared her nuggets of success that keep her focused and motivated - ‘There are moments of failure, times were I wish I could have done something better, days were my stress level is at its peak with demands of both news anchoring and reporting, but nothing good comes easy, and when you have days like this, remember that if you do what is easy your life will be hard, but if you do what is hard your life will be easy, so it’s wiser to put in the work now and be sure of a better tomorrow.’

The students of Accra Film School were grateful to have her, and rounded up the ceremony with photographs and interviews.

The Accra Film School offers courses in Acting, Directing, TV Presentation, Film Editing, Scriptwriting, Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Photography.

View and download the full speech by Natalie Fort here!

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